Access Control Systems

Minimize the Risk of Unauthorized Access

You want to know who’s coming and going at your business and when. A-TEC provides a range of professional access control systems, featuring top-of-the-line HID, Securitron, and ProdataKey (PDK) card access systems and related products including electromagnetic locks, digital entry systems, and much more.

You don’t necessarily need a lot of doors to benefit from commercial access control. ProdataKey access control systems and other commercial access tools are scalable to fit any business, giving you access control on a door-by-door basis, whether you need it for a single door or as many as a thousand. Even if you own a small business that only needs access controls on one or two doors, you can still find solutions that fit your budget and are scalable as your business grows.

If you can think of any reason why you might want to track or control who comes and goes at your business and allow or disallow access at any time, then you can benefit from commercial access controls.

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What is an Access Control System?

Quite simply put, it’s a commercial security system that lets you control who has access to your business. Placed on doors or gates, access controls let you see who is coming and going, and track or disallow visitors at any time, based on pre-set parameters. And because you can set a control on each door individually, you can give employees, vendors, and contractors access to only those parts of the business they need, rather than leaving doors open to everyone. This not only helps to keep your business safe, but it also makes business processes run more smoothly.

  • Restaurants
  • Data Centers
  • Distribution Centers
  • Law Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Office Spaces

A-TEC Security is a Certified ProdataKey Installer, so if you want to learn more about the benefits of ProdataKey door controllers in Kansas City or schedule a quick and easy installation at your business today, contact us about access control systems.