24/7 Security Monitoring and Reporting

At A-TEC Security Systems, we’re obviously in the security business, but a part of making sure that our customers feel secure is building trust. One of the ways that we build trust with our customers is through our 24/7 security monitoring service. We also offer reporting as an optional service.

Whether we’re providing you with opening and closing reports detailing who came and went at your facility and when, or any other form of business alarm monitoring—such as notifications of alarm events—24/7 monitoring and reporting gives you a range of options to stay in touch and keep your finger on the pulse of your security systems for business. We can even respond automatically to alarm events, while sending you emails, text messages, or other forms of reporting to let you know precisely what’s going on in real time. We leverage technology from Alula to help provide you with the best in broadband alarm technology and commercial security systems.

Our goal at A-TEC Security is to help you feel secure in your business. We think that one of the best ways to do that is to provide the best communications possible. We at A-TEC bring a commitment to complete security systems for you and your business. Together, we’re helping you stay in touch with what’s going on at your business 24/7, and helping you feel secure knowing that you have industry professionals watching your back.

24/7 A-TEC security monitoring