Common Questions about Commercial Security Systems

Part of being in the security business is providing our clients with excellent service, and at A-TEC Security Systems one of the ways we do that is by answering and addressing our clients’ (and future clients’) questions and concerns. We receive a lot of excellent questions about residential and commercial security, so we’ve set aside some space here to address a few of the more common questions that we run into. And if you’re looking for DSC User ManualsSpec Sheets, or Installation Guidesclick here to visit the DSC Technical Library.

Getting Started Questions

What should I look for when selecting and purchasing a commercial alarm system?

There are several factors that go into the selection of an alarm system, not to mention an alarm system company and monitoring service. First and foremost, you want an alarm system and monitoring service that’s easy to use—especially when it comes to arming and disarming the system—and you’ll want to find out what kind of term (or contract) you’ll be asked to sign. Terms are typically one year in length; some are three years, so know what you’re getting into. Finally, you’ll want to find out a little about the reputation and experience of the security company. A-TEC Security Systems, by the way, has been providing security systems and service for more than 20 years.

How much does a commercial alarm system typically cost?

There’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” security system for a flat price, at least, not that we offer. A security system really depends on the needs of the facility, the coverage required, the site (size and type), the equipment, the number of devices, etc. We tailor our commercial security systems to meet the individual needs of the facility and the owner. Costs may change with number of employees if you’re using access control, and you may also need to take exterior spaces into consideration. Use our contact form to request a quote or a FREE security evaluation (in the Greater Kansas City Area).

What types of residential and commercial security equipment do you carry?

We’re always on the lookout for the latest home and commercial security products and technology, so our recommended security technology is likely to change over time to keep up with the best advances in the industry. Some of our current offerings include Speco Cameras and DVRs, Interlogix TruVision, DSC Security Systems, cellular alarm communications by Uplink Security, and premise access control equipment by HiD and SecuriTron. You can read more about our security equipment and technology on our Commercial Security Products and Services page.

Am I required to carry an alarm permit for my residential or commercial security system?

Typically, yes. Permits for both residential and commercial alarm systems are issued by the city or the county. You can often find more information on the subject of alarm permits under the permits and licenses section of most city web sites.

Is there any benefit to upgrading an existing security system (vs. installing all-new equipment)?

This question sometimes comes up when a new tenant is moving into a commercial or retail space that has security equipment left by the former tenant. Or when a family moves into an existing home. The answer depends on how old your existing security is. At A-TEC Security Systems, we normally like to change the existing equipment for latest technology, and make sure that everything is wired correctly and working as it should be. Technology isn’t like plumbing. Needs may change from tenant to tenant. Service requirements change. Brands change. In most cases, an updated security system for your home or commercial building is probably your best bet.

Do you have wireless or cellular security systems?

Yes we do. Uplink Security and ipDatatel technology are leaders in cellular and smart alarm solutions. A-TEC Security Systems offers both.

Does your company offer security systems for monitoring exterior areas?

Yes, A-TEC Security Systems can install outdoor cameras and DVR systems to help monitor and record outdoor activity around entrances, parking lots, green spaces, etc. We typically recommend IP cameras for outdoor use, as they allow for the best quality images in daytime and during low-light periods.

How soon can I get a new security system installed at my location?

Typically, we can schedule an install within 3-5 business days of the agreement.

Will we receive any training on how to use our new security system?

Yes. Our technicians will give you a thorough training on how to operate your new security system.

What should I expect from the security system installation process?

As long-time professionals in residential and commercial security system installation, we know that homeowners and business owners demand clean, professional installation with minimal impact to walls and other structures. While holes will have to be drilled for wiring and installation, A-TEC Security Systems cleans and vacuums all work areas so that your residence or place of business is left clean and neat. It is recommended that any furniture and breakable items be removed from work and traffic areas on the day of the installation.

Will we receive any training on how to use our new security system?

Yes. Our technicians will give you a thorough training on how to operate your new security system.

Does my residential or commercial alarm system require any maintenance or testing?

A-TEC Security Systems recommends that you test your alarm systems weekly. The manufacturer recommends the same; it even says so right on the security system keypad. You should also test any smoke detectors on a regular basis, they typically have a “TEST” button that will cause the alarm to sound when pushed. When performing a test of your residential or commercial alarm system, we recommend that you contact the Alarm Central monitoring station FIRST and let them know that you’re performing a test.

Alarm Central
Phone: (816) 861-1500

Can I remote control my residential or commercial alarm system through an app on my phone or mobile device?

Absolutely! At A-TEC Security Systems, we’re always on the lookout for the latest technology to help our clients monitor their security systems and protect their assets in the easiest way possible. We know that many of our clients rely on their mobile devices for almost everything, and so we have an app available through ipDatatel allowing you to access your residential or commercial alarm system through your phone or mobile device, if desired.

Accounts and Billing Questions

What's the monthly cost for alarm monitoring?

Monthly costs for alarm system monitoring depend on the services and on-site equipment. If you would like to receive a free commercial security evaluation—complete with pricing for system additions or upgrades and monitoring—please use our contact form to request a visit from A-TEC Security Systems in the Greater Kansas City Area.

How does A-TEC Security Systems bill me or my company? How do we pay?

We bill monthly by email. As payment, we accept checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. If you prefer to have a payment method on file, A-TEC Security can set up your account for automatic withdrawal.

What do I need to do in order to move or cancel my service with A-TEC Security?

As it states on every A-TEC Security contract, we require written notice 30 days in advance of a change, move, or cancellation of services.

Technical Questions

What happens when somebody accidentally trips the security alarm in my home or business?

If your residential or commercial alarm is accidentally tripped, the first thing you need to do is enter your code on the keypad to disarm the alarm system. If, for some reason, you cannot disarm the system at the keypad, be prepared to receive a call from the Alarm Central monitoring station and give them your password.

How do I set or re-set the Time and Date on my security system keypad?

It’s easy. Follow these directions: Press *6, enter your master code, Press 1, and then enter hours (military time), minutes, month, day, and year in double digits. Once done, press # to exit time and date set-up.

Example: 5:30 PM on May 22nd of 2015 would be entered as 17:30 05 22 15 # (time, month, day, year, and # to exit).

What should I do if the Trouble Indicator is lit on the security system keypad?

The Trouble Indicator (typically a yellow triangle on the keypad) could mean a number of things. Typically, the Trouble Indicator is lit because of a low battery or a communications problem within the system somewhere. You can view the trouble area by pressing *2 on your keypad. If you have a security system keypad with a full message display—something that A-TEC Security Systems offers with all new system installations—you’ll see a message that tells you specifically what the trouble is related to. If the problem is a low battery, you’ll see “LOW BATTERY” on the message display as well as the specific device in your system that is suffering from a low battery problem. If you need help solving any trouble or issue with your security system keypad, feel free to contact A-TEC Security.

What if the security system keypad shows that I've had an Alarm Occurrence?

You can view the Alarm Memory by pressing *3 on your keypad.

What is likely to happen to my security system in the event of a storm-related blackout or other power loss incident?

Not much. Most power outages in the Greater Kansas City Area are brief. Significant power outages may last 2-3 hours. There is a battery backup in the A-TEC security system that should keep the basic system components working for up to 3-5 days—more than enough back-up power to get you through a power outage of almost any sort.

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